Rejection is never fun, especially when you’re putting your heart on your sleeve and your words and photographs on online dating sites. But REJECTION is very COMMON when you’re using online dating sites and dating profiles.

The problem with most online dating profiles for people over 50 is that MOST people who find themselves single in their late 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s have LITTLE to NO experience in writing dating profiles and promoting themselves. They have POOR photographs and uninspired writing – in other words, they fail because they’re doing it wrong!

We help people REDUCE their rejection rate by providing successful online dating profile writing.

  • Most people DON’T use online dating sites effectively.
  • They end up thinking it’s a waste of time or money – but they’re deadset wrong – they’re just not DOING IT right.
  • So they end up lonely and dejected when they just don’t have to.
  • We help clients REDUCE dating site rejection rates by helping them learn to approach online dating profiles in the best way possible.

If you are over 50 or over 60 or 70, you likely CAN increase your positive response rate by having an effective ONLINE DATING PROFILE that works.

We offer DIGITAL PROFILE reviews and even IN PERSON workshops designed to help you learn to promote yourself properly, avoid online dating scams or digital romance scams, and even MINGLE with others around your age bracket (from 45 to 65 and up).

Writing your Online Dating Profiles – what should you write?

  • Not everyone LIKES to write; and hardly anyone LIKES their photos taken.
  • If WRITING YOUR DATING PROFILE is a challenge – or feels like you’re having to SELL yourself, which makes you uncomfortable – have faith.
  • You’re not alone, most people hate feeling like they have to SELL THEMSELVES online.
  • BUT you can get help doing the online dating site basics, so you can concentrate on the important parts of midlife dating – making yourself a more desirable “catch” to others – on the net and in person.
  • The basics, of course, are PROFILE WRITING and PHOTOGRAPHS, and all that these involve.

The problem with online dating sites:

  • Many people find online dating profile writing too difficult OR
  • They waste valuable months being single after getting too many rejections until they get their profiles RIGHT.
  • We can help by personalised dating profile reviews (or even original dating profile writing) – with or without photography – to help you get a BETTER RESPONSE rate for your online dating profile – helping you gain more opportunities to CHAT and MEET with more suitable, well-matched partners.
  • Contact us for details.

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Need help with your online DATING PROFILE WRITING?

We can review what you have and give you advice. Or we can even write your dating profile from scratch so you stop wasting time and money on ineffective profiles and poor search and connection strategies.

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Learn to SEARCH better and discover new CONNECTION strategies designed to help you SUCCEED with your use of online dating sites and dating profile writing.

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