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Can you increase your online dating profile response rate?

Yes, most (but not all) individuals CAN improve their success rates on dating sites.

That means more connections and fewer rejections.

Key factors for creating a successful online dating profile include:

  2. A well-written detailed PROFILE 
  3. An effective SEARCH and FILTER strategy

With our online dating profiles tips and midlife relationship coaching, you’ll:

  • Learn BETTER ways to search, respond and attract the types of potential partners you’re keen to meet
  • Understand how to GROW your profile VISITS (increase popularity)
  • Discover ways to REDUCE your REJECTION rates 
  • Increase YES responses 

Being Realistic AND Pro-Active are the key ingredients for successful online dating 

It’s important, however, to understand:

  • the REALITY of online dating sites
  • the COMPETITIVE nature of online dating platforms
  • the IMPORTANCE of presenting yourself in the BEST light possible
  • the NECESSITY of doing so whilst being honest and authentic


You also need to have realistic expectations about WHO you can attract, and what it takes JUST to get a meeting.  From there, if you struggle with in person attractions or never get a second date, you can ask us about effective romance strategies, and dating DOs and DONTs, covered by my colleague, Dr Mark.

But here, at first, we cover the BASIC STEPS of making good connections.

Over 60s Dating, Over 50s Dating, and Relationship Coaching for anyone 40 years and up

  • Providing dating profile reviews, profile photography, original profile re-writing or writing-from-scratch, and search strategy tips
  • Our tips will suit ANYONE over the age of 45, but our focus is helping midlife daters in their 50s, 60s, 70s and up
  • We show you how to search effectively – and efficiently – for love online – and how to AVOID common online dating scams

Successful with online dating: while avoiding rejections and scams

  • Australians and others lose well over $22 million a year in dating scams
  • Most of these individuals who gave an “entity with a false profile” their hard-earned cash, super savings or credit cards, are the very same people who refused to pay the fees the dating website wanted to help IMPROVE their chances of finding a partner
  • Don’t be daft – pay for the right learning to use sites effectively rather than falling for a pocket-picking profile scam

Invest in MEMBERSHIP and PROFILES and PHOTOGRAPHY, and SAVE on scams.

Trying to skimp or save money on dating sites is a FALSE economy – it’s ineffective and risky.
  • Ask yourself how much loneliness costs you in terms of quality of life?
  • Or ask yourself how much you LOST in your last divorce (or last few divorces)?
  • Ask yourself if you REALLY want your dating profile to work, or if you’re happy with no one ever saying YES they’d like to meet you in person?

Online dating is NOT free – and you shouldn’t expect it to be.

Yet you may be thinking great online dating advice should be free? It’s NOT. Neither is a good online dating site membership. Neither is having coffees or drinks with people.

You don’t want to WASTE money on online dating sites using ineffective methods, but you also don’t want to WASTE TIME doing everything improperly when you could readily make it better if you had the right advice – good advice on writing your dating profile in a way that’s effective yet real.

If you expect something for free, without making an investment, you’re setting yourself up for failure and rejection on online dating sites -you might as well not even bother.

You MUST invest in your dating profile or you WON’T succeed, hands down.

And that means invest in a good profile, great photography and whatever membership levels will give you the best chance for success.

We’ll give you the data you need, but the rest is up to you – how well you apply these methods will determine your success rate. Plus, you MUST keep your expectations realistic. NOT EVERYONE does, but if you have unrealistic expectations (say, you’re 100 kilos overweight, but want to attract a Claudia Schiffer type of model), then you’ll fail.

But if you follow our advice, and invest your time and money in the RIGHT profile, BEST photographs and EFFECTIVE search approach, you’ll significantly increase your chances of using dating sites more effectively. 

Because you wouldn’t even BE HERE if you didn’t want to find a partner…would you? So let’s get started.   

Meet the Team

Connie May MHST

Founder & CEO

I’m the founder and CEO of DATING PROFILES THAT WORK, along with the LOVE HUNTERS GUIDE book to online dating and midlife romance or love.

I have a life coach and grief counselling background that helps me help others to move through some of life’s more challenging transitions, such as letting go of past relationships and embracing the future – including searching for love, partnership or companionship online.

Reduce rejection, increase connection.

I’m a tough-love PROFILE coach. I’m sensitive and empathetic, but if you need to hear a less than sugar-coated truth, I’ll tell it like it is. However, if you follow our top profile creation recommendations, you’ll REDUCE your REJECTION rates and INCREASE your CONNECTION rates.

But it’s not just the dating profile or photographs – sometimes it’s worth a midlife re-vamp (think mindset, wardrobe, fitness regimes and nutrition).

This could mean getting counselling, attending a workshop, allowing more time between your last relationship ending and your online dating efforts, or re-inventing yourself in terms of looks, wardrobe and mental outlook.

Whatever it IS that may help increase your chances of having success with online dating sites and profile writing, our team has the resources and professionals to help – and where we don’t, we can refer you to those who might be able to help you overcome your barriers to finding mid-life love.

About Connie M – founder of PROFILE DATING – Better Profile Writing Tips for online dating over the age of 45, 50 , 60 or 70.


Connie M is the author of The Love Hunter’s Guide to midlife love and online dating searching.

Hi, I’m Connie M, and I’m in my mid-fifties.

I’ve spent most of my life working in healthcare research, writing and psychological or community well-being sectors. I’m also a bit of a life coach to people undertaking midlife transitions, particularly breakups, divorces, and online dating for the first or second time.

I’ve worked as a volunteer grief counsellor and life coach for midlife daters or recently separated or divorced individuals from across Australia, the UK and the USA. Now, I’ve turned it into a formal coaching business for people over the age of 45 up to 75 and beyond (primarily people in their late 50s, mid-sixties and early 70s).

My training and Background

I’ve spent several decades studying psychology, marketing and relationship counselling methods, as well as loss and grief in relation to midlife changes. These changes in our lives greatly disturb the status quo, and they range from unwanted divorce to bereavement to partner suicide loss to personal disability, dementia, cancer, paralysis or strokes.

Midlife and Later Life has its challenges – but help is available.

I’m aware of the many struggles people can face when they find themselves alone or unpartnered after 50, 60 or 70 years in age, and yet they want to explore finding a potential partner – online or otherwise – and don’t know where to start. Or perhaps they’ve tried and “failed” – primarily thinking they’re too old for online dating, but actually simply going about it in an entirely backwards way. You see, in our later years, online dating success is all about APPROACH. 

It’s about using the most EFFECTIVE dating profile writing and the BEST online dating profile PHOTOGRAPHY you can find.

People over 50, over 60 and over 70 often DO want to find the right NEW partner after a break up, bereavement or divorce. Many use online dating sites to do so.

Far more FAIL than succeed, but only in that they approach it incorrectly.
Even those who have failed before could likely have success with online dating sites, if they simply changed their tactics.

The over 50s – over 60s and over 70s Online Dating Demographic – It’s a huge segment of society in many cultures

Change – especially later in life – an wreak havoc on your health and well-being at a time you may need – or want – a partner most.

It can be especially daunting, challenging or frustrating to search for a new partner when your find yourself suddenly alone after an unwanted separation, painful divorce or unexpected bereavement – even if you felt you were prepared.

It’s even harder to enter the new territory of online dating for over 50s, 60s and beyond IF it’s been a very long time since you’ve last been single. Entering the dating forum today has changed significantly over the last 5 to 7 years.

But online dating profile writing advice, relationship coaching and midlife makeovers – plus alluring photographs – helps you better navigate your way to successful midlife-dating – online or otherwise.

Being successful with online dating profiles depends on how prepared and willing you are to (a) learn new approaches to profile creation, (b) use effective search strategies, (c) put your best face and foot forward using the right photographs and current data; and (d) be patient, yet have some fun along the way!

So dating in mid-life over 40, over 50, over 60 and beyond – is all NEW and different today thanks to smart phones and dating apps becoming mainstream methods for meeting partners, lovers, spouses and friends.

Read my BIO – Online Dating Gurus for best online dating advice

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Find out why it’s crucial you’re honest with your age on your online profile, and what makes a better online dating profile (tips and templates).

Our Story

I separated 18 years ago, and discovered online dating – complete with hopes, dreams and dashed expectations. Much like everyone I ever coached about mid life dating profile writing and potential partner seeking, the experience was “like a box of chocolates” – you never knew what you might get, and it was fraught with fake ages in profiles, old photographs, tire kickers, ghosting and catfish claims.

But over the past 10 years, I’ve coached numerous people in midlife online dating for over 45, over 50 and over 60 or the sexy 70s.

I’ve helped take or choose more alluring photographs and reviewed or re-written dating profiles for better response rate success; AND I’ve taught people an effective SEEK and SEARCH strategy for online dating success.

Next Steps…

Visit my CONTACT page and send me a line. You’ll hear back from me within 3 working days! Or you can phone me today on 0491105123.

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